The Pooping Game

Posted: 13th February 2011 by westinthomas in Uncategorized

Today I got out of the place they call the NICU.  Hope I never get to go back there.  All they did was poke me with needles and have all these sensors on me.

Now I am staying my first night with Mommy and Daddy. 

The new game I like to play is “How Much Can I Poop in 1 Hour”.  So far, my record is 3 times.  I’ve gotten 2 in a few times.  I’m really trying hard to hit 4.  We will see what tomorrow brings.

  1. Roberta Flanagan says:

    When you nurse a baby, they “poop” alot. At least you know that everything that is going in and coming out the way it should!!!!

  2. Aunt Roberta says:

    When you nurse a baby the “poop” alot. At least you know everything is working the way it should!!!

  3. Uncle Darl says:

    I think the poopy diaper thing is something I may have missed. I don’t remember too much about it.

    A clothes line pin works really well though. I seen it on Mr. MOM which was one of Stephen’s dad’s favorite shows.

    Loved seeing him on SKYPE last night – what a great experience. His cry is cute but am sure the cutness will wear off very quickly – HA.

  4. Michael Satterfield says:

    BTW, anything from fluorscent green to day-glo orange is normal! ;^)

  5. Michael Satterfield says:

    Just remember the number on the diaper box is NOT how much it holds!!!