Can You Get a Better Bed??

Posted: 17th February 2011 by westinthomas in Uncategorized

OK, so I have decided that I didn’t like the beds that Mommy and Daddy kept putting me in.  The best bed is on top of Mommy.  I have an unlimited heat and food source.  What can be better than that?  I don’t think Mommy is that keen with my bed selection but my scream is pretty loud so she doesn’t have much of a say in that one!  Ha ha!

  1. Michael Satterfield says:

    He hears Mommy’s heartbeat too and that is comforting since that is one of the biggest things he heard the 1st 9 months…plus all that sound was traveling through water which made it really intense.

  2. westinthomas says:

    Mikey, we bought one of those teddy bears yesterday that makes a womb noise (kind of like white noise mixed with a heartbeat) but that still wasn’t consoling poor Westin. :( I was hoping that would be the trick for him to sleep somewhere else besides me. Last night we started pumping/feeding him from a bottle and that appears to be the trick to getting him to sleep in the carseat at least instead of on me! He is much fuller now since he stays awake for the bottle feeding. I think he was so hungry before that he didn’t want to leave his food source. Also, Stephen can feed him the bottle now too so he isn’t as dependent on me. Yippee! We are pretty happy after having a good night with the little man! He is screaming so much less now since he is a full, happy baby! The NICU really messed him up since he got used to eating formula out of a bottle instead of having to work for his food. I think it would have worked OK if he hadn’t been in the NICU since he wouldn’t have known about bottles.