Help! They Are Starving Me!

Posted: 17th February 2011 by westinthomas in Uncategorized

So, when I was born, I was way up in the 97th percentile for weight at 9 lbs 3 oz.  My mommy was so proud of my high marks.  Today, I went to the doc and she said I only weighed 8 lbs 4 oz and I am only in the 50th percentile for weight now.  They are starving me!  Help!  My Mommy is not going to be happy with me since I dropped in percentile so much.  They also measured my height today and said I was only 18.5 inches long.  Huh?  Last week the hospital said I was 19.5 inches long.  Did I shrink?  They claim I am only in the 5th percentile for length!  How can that be?  I also failed my first hearing test.  My Mommy is not happy with my low percentiles and failed test.  :(  I better shape up soon!

  1. Brad, Mina and Nicholas Albers says:

    Oh no, Mr. Westin; did they mis-measure you at the hospital. For your to shrink in length makes me think they didn’t get an accurate measure at the hospital. Were you squirming around? Hmmmmm…….you were a rolly polly at the hospital….LOL I can’t wait to give you hugs and kiss you on the forehead. Love Brad, Mina and Nicholas

  2. Lindsay says:

    You know, Parker and Cooper’s length measurements were off every single time they measured them. They said in the NICU that there is no great and accurate way to measure and that so much of it is open to interpretation!

    You do have quite the cutie on your hands there 😉

  3. Michael Satterfield says:

    He may have some wax buildup in his little ears…Hope everything goes ok! He sure is a darling!

    • westinthomas says:

      They suspected that Westin had some amniotic fluid in his ears so they came back the next day and he passed his hearing test in both ears. Yeah!

      Also, he wasn’t eating well since he would just fall asleep any time he started eating. So last night we started pumping and then feeding him from the bottle and he actually stayed awake for that. Yippee! Hopefully he starts gaining weight now! And he isn’t screaming all the time now since he is actually getting full instead of being hungry.

  4. westinthomas says:

    This week, the doc said I now weigh 8lbs 11oz so I guess Mommy and Daddy aren’t starving me anymore. Phew! I am still not as heavy as I started out though. And I am still a shorty. I sure hope I grow up soon! Short guys don’t typically get the models…

    • Lisa McPherson says:

      Oh, Westin. I really don’t think you’ll be a shorty. Mommy and Daddy are nice heights. I’m so glad you gained weight and they’re not starving you anymore. In your cute photos you don’t look a bit malnourished. You look like a cute little chunk!