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Am I Defective?

Posted: 18th March 2011 by westinthomas in Uncategorized

This week has been a long week.  For starters, I’m tired of this whole eating 18 times a day thing.  While it’s good to get some food, I get bored quickly and just want to get back to sleep.  Since I was already so fat, I’m trying to watch my figure.  I have not put […]

Where Did My Paci Go?

Posted: 12th March 2011 by westinthomas in Uncategorized

I was looking and looking for my paci on Sunday but I couldn’t find it.  I got this special bright orange one in the hospital a few hours after I was born.  It was my favorite binky.  I looked over at my sister Kendall and there I saw it right in her mouth!  WHY did […]

Daddy Left Me

Posted: 1st March 2011 by westinthomas in Uncategorized

Well, I haven’t seen Daddy for a few days.  What is up with that?  He could only handle me for two weeks?  I guess he is probably enjoying his time away from my dirty diapers.  Mommy on the other hand isn’t really keen on changing my diapers.  She especially hates that I scream at the […]