The Pooping Game

Today I got out of the place they call the NICU.  Hope I never get to go back there.  All they did was poke me with needles and have all these sensors on me.

Now I am staying my first night with Mommy and Daddy. 

The new game I like to play is “How Much Can I Poop in 1 Hour”.  So far, my record is 3 times.  I’ve gotten 2 in a few times.  I’m really trying hard to hit 4.  We will see what tomorrow brings.

Today Is Looking to be a Better Day

All things considered today is looking to be a better day than yesterday.  Although it is still way too bright out here, I’m starting to relax a little and breathing better.

It is almost like I’m back in the tummy as I’m wrapped in a swaddle position, or at least that’s what I heard the needle lady tell my Daddy.  I’m wrapped up so tight I cannot scream as loud anymore.  So much for the fun game I was playing.

Just Let Me Be Already and Turn Off The Lights

Today has been a hard day for me, going from constant sleep to all these people poking and prodding me.  I think I liked it better back in the tummy.  This place is way too bright; I need some shades.  I have been keeping my eyes closed and it still isn’t keeping out the light.

I have not gotten to spend much time with Mommy and Daddy since I have been sent to isolation – something they call NICU.  Here they don’t let me eat, sleep, and keep taking my blood.  I am having fun playing a game I call “How Long Can I Scream For” – this is my way of getting back at all these people who keep sticking me in the foot with a needle.  I also found this other needle sticking out of my arm – so I pulled that sucker right out.  Never the less, they put it back in me but now in my foot so I can’t reach it.

Mommy and Daddy came and saw me today but then I got covered in water.  Not sure what was going on but I smell different now.

Me and my Daddy

Hello world!

Ok, Ok, I need to work out a little
Me Just a few hours old

Unlike other Hello World posts, this truly is “Hello World” because I was born today!

That’s right – at 4:51 AM on 2/9/11 I was brought into this earth by C-section to the waiting arms of my Mommy and Daddy.  It was nice to finally get to see them after hearing them all the time.  My Daddy is kind of funny looking!  But I guess I cannot say much as I’m not too hot myself right now.

I was expecting to arrive on 2/11/11 but that plan just did not work out. 

At least the 9/11 part of my Birthday is like Mommy and Daddy’s Anniversary of 9/11/1999.

I haven’t heard that loud barking sound yet today.  I can’t wait to figure out where that has been coming from for the last 9 months!

Who is Trying to Squish Me?

I don’t understand it.  I am just sleeping and all of a sudden the walls around me are closing in on me about every two minutes.  So, I started pounding back with my hands and feet saying “STOP, STOP”. 

A few hours later, I felt this intense sonic wave coming through the walls.  They are trying to fry my brain – I’m sure of it!!! 

I did not like it so I kept moving away from it.  But it always seemed to find me.  It lasted on and off for two days.  I was happy once they stopped doing all of that.  They also gave me some drugs which helped stop the walls from closing in on me (thank goodness!). 

After those two days, my Mommy did a lot of laying around since the doc said she went into preterm labor (I guess contractions were what was squishing me).  This bedrest was pretty boring for me.  I was so used to the soothing movement to put me to sleep.