Who is Trying to Squish Me?

I don’t understand it.  I am just sleeping and all of a sudden the walls around me are closing in on me about every two minutes.  So, I started pounding back with my hands and feet saying “STOP, STOP”. 

A few hours later, I felt this intense sonic wave coming through the walls.  They are trying to fry my brain – I’m sure of it!!! 

I did not like it so I kept moving away from it.  But it always seemed to find me.  It lasted on and off for two days.  I was happy once they stopped doing all of that.  They also gave me some drugs which helped stop the walls from closing in on me (thank goodness!). 

After those two days, my Mommy did a lot of laying around since the doc said she went into preterm labor (I guess contractions were what was squishing me).  This bedrest was pretty boring for me.  I was so used to the soothing movement to put me to sleep.