Hello world!

Ok, Ok, I need to work out a little
Me Just a few hours old

Unlike other Hello World posts, this truly is “Hello World” because I was born today!

That’s right – at 4:51 AM on 2/9/11 I was brought into this earth by C-section to the waiting arms of my Mommy and Daddy.  It was nice to finally get to see them after hearing them all the time.  My Daddy is kind of funny looking!  But I guess I cannot say much as I’m not too hot myself right now.

I was expecting to arrive on 2/11/11 but that plan just did not work out. 

At least the 9/11 part of my Birthday is like Mommy and Daddy’s Anniversary of 9/11/1999.

I haven’t heard that loud barking sound yet today.  I can’t wait to figure out where that has been coming from for the last 9 months!

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