Just Let Me Be Already and Turn Off The Lights

Today has been a hard day for me, going from constant sleep to all these people poking and prodding me.  I think I liked it better back in the tummy.  This place is way too bright; I need some shades.  I have been keeping my eyes closed and it still isn’t keeping out the light.

I have not gotten to spend much time with Mommy and Daddy since I have been sent to isolation – something they call NICU.  Here they don’t let me eat, sleep, and keep taking my blood.  I am having fun playing a game I call “How Long Can I Scream For” – this is my way of getting back at all these people who keep sticking me in the foot with a needle.  I also found this other needle sticking out of my arm – so I pulled that sucker right out.  Never the less, they put it back in me but now in my foot so I can’t reach it.

Mommy and Daddy came and saw me today but then I got covered in water.  Not sure what was going on but I smell different now.

Me and my Daddy

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