I’m So Famous!

Today the paparazzi came over to do my first professional photo shoot (well, OK, so it was just one lady, not a full entourage).  I was so nervous before we got started that I puked all over Daddy (and myself and the carseat).  Ha ha.  That serves him right for trying to keep me awake for 3 hours beforehand.  He kept putting me in that stupid swing, he gave me a bath, and then he fed me too much.
Of course, the pictures will turn out great since I am so adorable.  I didn’t like that she filmed me in my birthday suit and put stupid hats on me.  She was impressed though because I didn’t pee or poop on her!  Mommy, Daddy, Kendall, and Jordan even joined me for a picture.  Jordan didn’t really want her picture taken but she finally went and stood behind Mommy.  
We get a sneak peak of my photos in one week and get to see the proofs in two weeks!  I can’t wait!  Here are a couple pictures my Mommy took.  They aren’t my best ones though…


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