Where Did My Paci Go?

I was looking and looking for my paci on Sunday but I couldn’t find it.  I got this special bright orange one in the hospital a few hours after I was born.  It was my favorite binky.  I looked over at my sister Kendall and there I saw it right in her mouth!  WHY did she take my paci?  It is not hers and she has a whole basket of toys to play with.

 I told Daddy she had it and he tried to get it back.  After running and fighting for a while, Kendall ate my paci!!!  At this point Daddy was determined to get it back so he took her to the vet to get it.  He came back with it in a few different pieces and covered in Kendall stomach juice.  So I think I’ll have to look for a new paci.  Thank goodness my cousin Danielle just sent me a new paci in the mail yesterday.  It is not orange though – it is black and yellow and has a bird on it…

Bad Kendall!

Kendall with my favorite paci

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