Look At Me! Traveling Like A Rock Star!

Today (Saturday, July 23) I took my first flight!  Well, the first flight outside of my mommy’s belly.  I went on 51 flights in there.

I went from Austin to Chicago on American Airlines.  I’m going to Chicago to see family (in Iowa) and attend the 7th annual Costello Family Conference.  They have a conference every 2 years pulling together researchers, doctors, and other Costello families to share ideas from all over the world.

I am lucky my mommy and daddy fly so much, because I was able to get my own seat in first class for free!  I also got a certificate for my first flight.  I was really good, sleeping about half the flight and watching Blue’s Clues on daddy’s laptop the rest of the way. 

Traveling in First Class is not too bad!  I sure hope I get my own seat on the way back too.

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