After we landed in Chicago, my daddy drove us to IKEA in Schaumburg, Illinois.  I got to meet my Uncle Darl and first cousins Dustin and Jodi for the first time.  I also got to see my Aunt Diane again and meet my second cousins Joey and Elena.  We had a good time touring IKEA and eating Swedish meatballs.

Then we continued on to Iowa where Mommy and Daddy are originally from.  We drove to Davenport for Mommy and Daddy to eat Whitey’s ice cream.  Then we drove to Iowa City and stayed at the Marriott in Coralville which is my first hotel stay ever!  It wasn’t too bad!  On Sunday we got to meet Mommy and Daddy’s friends at the hotel!  We saw Brenda, Dave, Erin, Rob, Austin, Tyler, Carrie, Lexi, and Lauren.  It was fun!!  They even ordered Happy Joe’s Pizza.  It smelled yummy.  I was wearing a black and gold Iowa Hawkeye jersey that day!

The next day we drove to Rudy’s Tacos in Davenport.  Mommy and Daddy took my picture by a menu.  Silly!  Then we drove to Bettendorf and checked in at the Isle of Capri.  We met my grandma and grandpa Marilyn and Bob, and great aunt Evelyn there.  Later on we went to Happy Joe’s Pizza and met both of my grandmas, my grandpa, great aunt Evelyn, aunt Diane, and Mommy’s friend Wendy!  Daddy and Mommy must love the pizza at that place considering we have already had it twice in two days!  After that, we stopped by Whitey’s ice cream again!  They must love that place too!  I can’t wait until I can eat that too!

The next day we ate at Happy Joe’s again with my two grandmas and grandpa and my grandma’s neighbor Lavonne.  Then we took Grandma Ellie (or Memere Ellie) to Chicago with us.  We checked in at the WESTIN O’Hare.  It is nice to see us staying at MY hotel.  🙂

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