Headed Home from the Costello Syndrome Conference

The 7th annual Costello Family Conference is now over.  I am sad to be leaving all of my new friends.  I got to meet a 4-year-old named Thomas Stephen.  That is so funny since my Daddy is Stephen Thomas.

Daddy and I went “chick scoping” as he called it at the conference.  He was taking me around looking for young Costello babies to set me up with down the road.  I do not really understand any of this but if Daddy says it is a good thing, it must be.  I will say I do have my eyes on a cute little girl from Colorado!  I am her Romeo and she is my Juliet. 
I was not as lucky this time on the flight home.  I did not get my own seat.  I had to share a seat with Mommy and Daddy in First Class.  To make it worse, it was over 90 degrees in Chicago and even hotter than that on the plane with no air!  I was not happy and I let everyone know about it!
So my mommy said that during the first 7  months that I was in th womb, I was on 51 flights.  So now I am almost 6 months old and I have only been on 2 flights.  That isn’t fair!  I want to see the world!  I couldn’t see the world before because mommy’s belly was in the way.  So, I missed out on seeing 12 different countries. 

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