Looks Like I Will Have Another Surgery Soon

Today, August 5th, I got to meet one of my new doctors.  He is a Urologist.  He is the 12th doctor I have in my list of doctors. 

He did another ultra sound on me and decided I need to have surgery before the end of the year to correct a hydrocele and to check out a cyst.  They do not think it is anything too serious but we need to get it fixed all the same.  If we don’t fix the hydrocele, then it might become a hernia which isn’t good.  🙁

I hate having surgery since I can never breathe well afterwards and it is scary to go to sleep like that.  I am hoping to combine this with another procedure like an MRI so I do not have to go to sleep twice.

Maybe we can do it over Christmas or New Years!  I’m sure Dell Children’s Hospital has a lot going on for Christmas and New Years.  Maybe they will have some red and green mac-n-cheese or some yummy Santa Claus cookies!

Below I have a picture from the doctor’s office.  I am also including some pictures from a “Mommy and Me” day where she got too “camera happy.”  Ugh…


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