Yeah! They Are Finally Feeding Me!

So on Monday, August 22, my mommy took me to the hospital and fed me some gross white chalky stuff.  I guess this was called a modified barium swallow study.  Well, apparently I passed because the next day my Mommy and my occupational therapist fed me some orange stuff.  I must say the orange stuff was pretty yummy!  I was so giddy that I spit the orange stuff all over my therapist.  She said that is why she wore her orange Texas Longhorn shirt that day!

A couple days later my mommy and daddy fed me something that was yellow.  They said they were bananas.  Well, apparently, I don’t like bananas because I threw them up on two different occasions.  I think we will stay away from those in the future!

Then they started giving me lollipops!  Yippee!!  Although, I was not a fan of the cotton candy flavor.  Daddy knows to only give me grape lollipops from now on since those are my favorite!

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