No More Mullet….

Today Mommy and Daddy took me outside and Mommy shaved off my hair.  I have no idea what she was thinking!  I was really trying to grow it out and I had a beautiful mullet in the making!

I secretly think Mommy wanted to cut it to make me look more like a blondie than a brunette.  The ends of my hair were similar to Daddy’s hair color and the new growth is more like Mommy’s hair color.

Funny thing is that even with my new hair cut, I still have more hair than Daddy.  🙂


Today I got an abdominal and pelvic ultrasound.  Apparently I have to get these every three months until I am 10 years old to look for cancer since Costello kids have a 17% chance of getting cancer.  Initially I didn’t mind the jelly but then I started getting cold and just wanted to sleep so I started barking at the lady.  Mommy said the results all looked good!  Yippee!

Help me!

Some Of The Other Special Women In My Life

Every week I get to see Laurie and Mary Kay two times (well unless I am sick or unless they are sick).  Laurie is my physical therapist and Mary Kay is my occupational therapist.  I like them when they first come to visit but then they start making me do things I don’t want to do so then I play “possum” on them.  Yep!  I just close my eyes and act like I am asleep so they stop stretching me and doing other crazy things.  At least this way they let me lie down to do my exercises (while I am “sleeping”) instead of making me do terrible tummy time and the other exercises that I do not like.  They have caught me opening my eyes to see if they were still there so I need to be a little more sly about that.   Mary Kay feeds me orange stuff on Thursdays.  I like to spit it back at her.  LOL…  One time I hit Nanny Brittany, Daddy, and Mary Kay all in one spit!

Also today four ladies came over to do an assessment of me.  (Yes, Daddy said he was jealous!)  They played Peek-A-Boo with me, played with some toys, and rolled me over to my belly.  I was not too happy about that one.  At the end, they said I am like a 4 month old in my gross motor skills and like a 5 month old in my fine motor skills.  Hmmm.  I am 7 months old now so that doesn’t sound too good!  But, they did say I was at my age for cognitive skills.  Whoo-hoo!  I am actually “average” for something.  OK, so being average doesn’t sound that great but Mommy was happy with my performance that day.  Now I get to add a speech therapist and developmental specialist to my list of doctors and therapists!  I will be up to 16 different people now (12 doctors and 4 therapists)!  I really like my new speech therapist’s pink hair!  It keeps me awake!

Fire! Fire! Fire!

On Sunday, September 4th, we had a mandatory evacuation due to wildfires that were burning about 2 miles from our house.  There is really only one way out of our subdivision by car so we had to leave so we could get out in case the fire spread across the road.  Mommy and daddy packed up really fast!  My furry sister Jordan got to ride in the car with us.  I was mad at her for barking and was not happy about being woken up from my nap and thrown into my car seat.  So, Mommy and Daddy had to stop right after we got out of the neighborhood to calm me down.  It was nice though because then we got to see the flames and smoke from the fire (from a safe distance).  It was a sad sight.  🙁

We drove to my hotel (The Westin!) at the Domain shopping area.  Jordan seemed to be pretty happy about it.  The hotel had lots of dogs evacuated from Steiner Ranch.  I got to sleep in the Heavenly Crib.  I am not sure why they called it Heavenly – it was hard as a rock.  🙁  We got to see quite a few of our friends and neighbors there which was nice.  On Monday we  went for lunch with some of our friends.  Then Jordan got to go shopping with Mommy and my godmother Kelly (and furry Maddie and Rebel) but I had to hang out at California Pizza Kitchen with Daddy and godfather Eric.  🙁  I really wanted to pick up some new threads so I was bummed…  

We got to go home on Tuesday.  It was probably for the best because I was really missing my bouncy chair.  Daddy went to Target and bought me a rocking chair instead of a bouncy chair to sit in at the Westin hotel but I didn’t like it that much.  Also, I was almost out of food since Mommy only packed one can of my special formula.  When we got home, Mommy and Daddy had to empty out the fridge since the food was bad due to power being lost.  It didn’t take them long though since they didn’t have any food in there to begin with.  I did hear that my “Mommy Juice” that was being stored in our friend’s deep freezer was lost due to the power outage.  I wasn’t too disappointed about it but Mommy was a little bummed.  She said it took her a long time to make that juice for me. 

Our house was not affected by the fires.  The firemen did an amazing job and only about 25 homes were completely destroyed and 50 damaged.

The Special Women In My Life….

I would like to introduce you to my nannies.  This summer, Nanny Jennifer took care of me.  She was a lot of fun but she left me to go back to Ohio to study to become a minister.  She already has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Ohio State.  Mommy and daddy were not too happy about her college choice.  Why would she want to go to a college that has a nut as its mascot? 

After Jennifer left, I got a new nanny.  Her name is Brittany and she is a true Texan!  She is only 20 but she is turning “legal” soon.  I don’t quite know what that means.  She plans on going back to school to study Early Childhood Development.  I don’t know why though?  Surely she can’t leave me?

I also have had various nurses come and go.  Right now Miss Mary comes on Saturday and Sunday during the day to take care of me and Miss Jennifer comes Monday and Tuesday nights.  Miss Mary is so nice and often brings Mommy and Daddy Chick-fil-A and she brings me toys too!  Mommy wouldn’t be able to go to work on Wednesday if Jennifer wasn’t helping watch me at night (when daddy is traveling) since I like to wake up 15 times some nights and other nights I wake up only 10 times but then I play from 3-5am.  🙂