The Special Women In My Life….

I would like to introduce you to my nannies.  This summer, Nanny Jennifer took care of me.  She was a lot of fun but she left me to go back to Ohio to study to become a minister.  She already has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Ohio State.  Mommy and daddy were not too happy about her college choice.  Why would she want to go to a college that has a nut as its mascot? 

After Jennifer left, I got a new nanny.  Her name is Brittany and she is a true Texan!  She is only 20 but she is turning “legal” soon.  I don’t quite know what that means.  She plans on going back to school to study Early Childhood Development.  I don’t know why though?  Surely she can’t leave me?

I also have had various nurses come and go.  Right now Miss Mary comes on Saturday and Sunday during the day to take care of me and Miss Jennifer comes Monday and Tuesday nights.  Miss Mary is so nice and often brings Mommy and Daddy Chick-fil-A and she brings me toys too!  Mommy wouldn’t be able to go to work on Wednesday if Jennifer wasn’t helping watch me at night (when daddy is traveling) since I like to wake up 15 times some nights and other nights I wake up only 10 times but then I play from 3-5am.  🙂

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