Some Of The Other Special Women In My Life

Every week I get to see Laurie and Mary Kay two times (well unless I am sick or unless they are sick).  Laurie is my physical therapist and Mary Kay is my occupational therapist.  I like them when they first come to visit but then they start making me do things I don’t want to do so then I play “possum” on them.  Yep!  I just close my eyes and act like I am asleep so they stop stretching me and doing other crazy things.  At least this way they let me lie down to do my exercises (while I am “sleeping”) instead of making me do terrible tummy time and the other exercises that I do not like.  They have caught me opening my eyes to see if they were still there so I need to be a little more sly about that.   Mary Kay feeds me orange stuff on Thursdays.  I like to spit it back at her.  LOL…  One time I hit Nanny Brittany, Daddy, and Mary Kay all in one spit!

Also today four ladies came over to do an assessment of me.  (Yes, Daddy said he was jealous!)  They played Peek-A-Boo with me, played with some toys, and rolled me over to my belly.  I was not too happy about that one.  At the end, they said I am like a 4 month old in my gross motor skills and like a 5 month old in my fine motor skills.  Hmmm.  I am 7 months old now so that doesn’t sound too good!  But, they did say I was at my age for cognitive skills.  Whoo-hoo!  I am actually “average” for something.  OK, so being average doesn’t sound that great but Mommy was happy with my performance that day.  Now I get to add a speech therapist and developmental specialist to my list of doctors and therapists!  I will be up to 16 different people now (12 doctors and 4 therapists)!  I really like my new speech therapist’s pink hair!  It keeps me awake!

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