Trick Or Treat (and no, I don’t have croup)

I wasn’t happy about it, but Mommy and Daddy stuck me in a big, furry bear costume Saturday.  They took me to a party a couple of houses away from ours that night.  I was pretty cranky though since I got up at 4am that day and only took a two-hour nap.  So, I didn’t get to stay for very long.  It was really cold out that night so it is a good thing I was wrapped up in all that fur!

Then tonight, Mommy and Daddy took me to the neighborhood next door for another party.  It was hot though so I wasn’t a fan of the bear costume.  This time I got to go knocking on people’s doors and begged them for a toy.  They didn’t understand me though and kept giving Mommy and Daddy candy.  That is not fair!  Don’t they know I can’t eat that?  🙁  Mommy had a big smile on her face that night though.  I think she ate my candy.

Mommy stayed to help pass out candy at a friend’s house so Daddy walked me home.  On the way home, a little boy started running up to me but his dad said “don’t touch him because he sounds sick.”  🙁  Then another lady we walked by said I was “croupy”.  I don’t think I am croupy.  I have had my bark since I was born.

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