First Birthday Party

Today was my first birthday party!  I had so much fun!  Mommy and Daddy rented out one of the community centers in our neighborhood.  It was too cold to go swimming so the party was indoors.  My Mommy, Daddy, and our great friends helped decorate the room in a “Blue’s Clues” theme.  Blue’s Clues is my favorite TV show!

A clown came to the party too and she painted faces (I wasn’t into that though), made balloon animals, and did a little magic show.  We all got to have some yummy cake.  Over 40 people came to my party including my nannies, nurses, therapists, friends, and even my memere Ellie and grandma Marilyn and grandpa Bob who all came from Iowa for my big day.  We all had so much fun and later that night Mommy and Daddy let me open my presents.  Wow!  Jackpot!  I got the neatest things ever!  I think we need to throw another party soon so I can get some new toys.

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