New Blenderized Food Diet Equals Less Puke

My Mommy got this bright idea that instead of feeding me Elecare hypoallergenic formula, she would feed me real food.  Huh?  How is real food going to go through my tiny feeding tube?  Mommy bought the granddaddy of blenders – The Vitamix.  She says food will get chopped up enough in the blender to go through my feeding tube.  I bet you are wondering what she is feeding me?  Here are the ingredients in my first trial run: water, rice milk, pears, sweet potatoes, olive oil, and baby food oatmeal.  It is pretty basic but she wants to make sure I do not have an allergic reaction to anything.  She has already mixed a little bit of each ingredient into my formula first to make sure I wasn’t allergic.  She will keep trying out new things so I can have a more varied diet.

And after my first week on the blenderized diet, I am happy to report that I have only puked twice!  Whoa!!  I usually puke several times a day (sometimes 5 times a day).  I can tolerate more volume of blended diet than I can of formula so now my mommy doesn’t have to feed me in the middle of the night anymore!  She used to have to “plug me in” and pump food into my belly for a few hours in the middle of the night.  My stomach is tiny and empties very slowly so I couldn’t handle a lot of food at once so I would be fed about 7 times a day on average with 2 feeds at night while I was sleeping.  Do you know what it feels like to have food dripped into your tummy all night?  I used to wake up a lot since I didn’t like being fed at night. Have you heard of reflux?  Try being fed when you are lying flat!

So far week 1 of this blended diet is going OK.  I will let you know how it continues to work!

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