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I Hate It When Someone Says I Did A Good Job

Posted: 25th April 2012 by westinthomas in Uncategorized

I have a lot of little oddities… one of them is I do not like it when someone says “Good Job” or if someone claps for me.  If they do, I break into tears.  See the link to the video below.  I was 14 months old in this video.  The interesting thing is other mommies of […]

Two Weeks Into A Blenderized Diet

Posted: 1st April 2012 by westinthomas in Uncategorized

Hi there. Well, I am now two weeks into this newfangled diet my mommy came up with.  She is still making up quite a ruckus every day using her fancy Vitamix blender.  My blend today consisted of baby oatmeal, vegetable beef pilaf, pear, raspberry, spinach, potatoes, prunes, apples, apricots, blueberries, whole milk, coconut milk, olive […]