Giggling At Silly Daddy

So today Mommy and Daddy were making me stand against a wall.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?  It is part of my physical therapy homework.  It makes me balance so I don’t fall to the side or fall forward and it helps build up my leg muscles for walking.  Daddy was banging a balloon on his head to make me giggle.  It was so funny!  I bet you will giggle if you watch the video below too!  I think Daddy didn’t realize Mommy was filming him too.  Ha ha.

Make sure to notice me taking a few steps at the end towards Daddy!  I am such a big boy!  I am 27 months old now and I hope I am walking by the time I am 3 years old!  Mommy would love it if I could walk by July for the Costello Syndrome conference but this walking stuff is hard work!

Don’t forget to watch the video!

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