I Am Almost 3!

Today we had a big birthday party for me! I won’t be 3 years old for 3 more weeks according to Mommy and Daddy but they decided to celebrate early since my baby sister is supposed to be arriving the same week as my 3rd birthday!

My godmother Kelly along with Colleen and Jill helped Mommy buy decorations and set up the room. Mommy decided to put together my three loves for the theme: schoolbuses, Elmo, and Cookie Monster. I will be taking the school bus to school starting in mid-February! Daddy ordered the pizza for the party but unfortunately I didn’t get to try any since I can’t chew (yet). Nanny April came and got me all ready for my party in my new bowtie/suspender shirt and she even put tattoos of Elmo and Cookie Monster on my hands!

This was by far my favorite birthday party!  I loved my Sesame Street Schoolbus cake made by Annie from Cake d’Arte!  I also had Elmo and Cookie Monster cupcakes!  They are my favorites.  Mr. Rudy came and sang songs and read to us.  I get so excited when I see him on Fridays at Cups & Cones for Storytime. I ask about Mr. Rudy all week long. My favorites are “Wheels on the Bus” and the “Boa Constrictor” song.  Here is a video from my birthday party (see, isn’t he great???):

At the end of my party, Elmo showed up too!  Wow!!  I hear Nurse Mary is friends with Elmo and invited him to come to my party.  I couldn’t have had more fun that day.  Thank you to all of my friends who came to help me celebrate!  I had friends from the neighborhood and beyond come, including my friend Nicole who also has Costello Syndrome! It really was such a magical day for me! I hope we have the same exact party again next year. And did I mention how many cool gifts I received?? Wow!!